Marketing for education establishments with Message Marketing Communications


How the world has changed. All you used to have to do was teach the children that came and get the best results appropriate for that child. Now you have to present yourself, your ethos and your establishment to the existing and potential parents as well as the children, teaching team and Governors.

This takes time and it is not what most schools are set up to do, either independent or state schools.

Press coverage is important - especially good news stories! A prospectus covering the whole curriculum and conveying the ethos of the school, a website that works for all those involved, not just the "new customers only". So a place for parents, students and staff to sign in to get up to date news, timetables, homework etc., not too mention the blog, twitter and facebook content.

Your audience is the most varied and most challenging of all in a marketing sense - a range of ages, locations, languages and professions. To ensure maximum return on your marketing spend you must target and then segment the audience you wish to talk to with very clear calls to action. To find out more about out sourcing marketing strategy and some hand on resources email call me on 01335 343338