PortfolioMessage Marketing Communications walking the walk with existing clients

Walking the walk and talking the talk:

As a marketeer, I put all the ingredients together from the concept, copy, images and format - then the designers make it real for you - so my portfolio is more examples of the objectives set and the results achieved for your information. Examples of work completed is of course available if you are interested in what I done for others, but I would much rather take your brief and show you what I can do for you...

Email Campaign

• £37.6k generated within 2 weeks
• Write and design an eshot to cross sell financial product to existing data base
• Issue e-shot and manage the responses according to options selected

Sales Literature

• Generating 124 quality leads within 6 months
• Create brochure that can work internationally across vertical markets
• All in one sales document which works hard without translation including features, benefits, corporate profile and product data

Direct Mail Campaign

• 20 new business appointments generated
• Write copy and design mail shot to introduce new product with call for action postcard
• Identified target market, bought lists and managed data profile to ensure maximum response


• Websites including brochure website and ecommerce solutions
• Clarify audience and objectives for clients, manage design brief and write copy for maximum SEO lead generation
• Went live to deadline and budget, delivering leads and supporting sales team presentations within three weeks


• Ensured school prospectus reflected the lifestyle choices of prospective families whilst reflecting the school, ethos and curriculum
• Delivered design template which could be transferred into other school literature: internal and external
• Increased enquiry levels for the SMT, therefore pupil numbers


• Communication at all levels, in all ways is important - school newsletters are unusual in the audience covering all ages and varying interests
• Raising awareness of school of parent association fund raising and social events
• Numbers attending events, using easy fund raising and money raised, all increasing, positively.


• To introduce new technical products into an established market
• Write release, take appropriate image and issue to selected press list
• Placed in approved journals and enquiry levels increased by 35%

Search engine support (SEO)

• House keeping of website to ensure SEO potential maximized
• Utilized digital marketing with PR, partner links, site maps and alt tags
• Quality leads from website increased by 50% within 4 weeks converting into £250k of new business


• Understand why your customers buy your product or your competitors products then brand and package appropriately
• Launching a brand of kitchen cleaning chemicals into a highly competitive market with a consumer, quality brand
• Within twelve months established sales of over £100k


• Moving retail carrier bags from "free" bottom line cost to the supermarkets to a "recycling" bag for life product, of financial value, marketing value and environmental value
• Worked with client and supermarket partner to introduce this lateral solution in 1998 with official launch
• Delivered launch event, press coverage and consumer mind set change. Now bags for life are accepted as the norm.