marketing manufacturing businesses with Message Marketing CommunicationsManufacturing Businesses

The excitement of manufacturing something and producing a product is fabulous. The challenges faced by manufacturing businesses with red tape, health and safety personnel issues can sometimes detract from the sense of achievement that manufacturing in the UK can give you.

To ensure that your customers know what you are making, and the solutions you are delivering for them, can sometimes get lost along the way.

If you use an external marketing resource, like me, it helps keep the focus on marketing with time tabled meetings and actions, following reviews of what we have done and what you want to achieve next. A simple approach to delivering marketing results - put the information in, get the strategy and tactics out - with a who is doing what, when list. Within the budget set and the time frame planned.

To find out more about projects worked on please look at my portfolio, email or call me on 01335 343338